Review: How I gained 15 pounds in Saratoga

(mind you, 15 pounds and thats with lugging around cameras and walking miles and miles every day chasing thoroughbreds)

Heres a list of how I spent my summer eating, I am not a foodie per say, I just love food. I know despite looking at me you’d never guess, since I’ve ballooned to 120.


Harvest and Hearth – Rt 67, formerly Chameleons, Saratoga Lake: Brick oven pizza done right. It’s all organic and fresh as can be. I went once with a friend and we got the following combination: Red sauce, gouda cheese, caramelized onions and pepperoni. Let me tell you that I have gone back over a dozen times and haven’t veered from this combo. Its just a taste of heaven. Words cannot describe it, go try it, you wont be dissapointed. I can eat a whole large one by myself! The wine is good, depending on the time you go it is usually a moderate wait for food (they have one brick oven) its not a long wait by any means, but its worth it.

Old Bryann Inn – corner of Maple and Rock, Saratoga. Simply the most yummy comfort food you can find. Set in a 1790’s building, you walk in and feel like you’ve been transcended to another time, with exposed beams and stone walls. Try the specials, they change daily but are delicious. You may yield on some of the combinations, but try them! We went once and had this sausage over granny smith apples on bread, sounded iffy… oh heck no! I think I went a total of three times, and every time I was so pleased. Definately try the beef bruschetta appetizer, its to die for.

Adelphi Hotel – Broadway, Saratoga. To walk into the Adephi is like walking into a time warp, you feel like you are in the 30’s. Despite the fact that they only serve desert and drinks, its one of the best little known places around. You walk back into the courtyard, which is shaded with trees and brick, and you have a little view of the night sky as you lounge in extremely comfy adirondack chairs and sip on fruity drinks. It’s very quiet and very intimate. It’s a great place to just take some friends, sit and relax and enjoy eachother’s company. Oh the lemon tarts fabulous too

Duo – Broadway, Saratoga. Simply the best sushi place in town, hands down. Have been here several times and always go back to an old favorite — the Paradise roll. Which basically is lobster and fried bananas, are the two major tastes you come across.. but it is just simply delicious. Its fresh, fast, the saki will knock you on your butt, the plum wine is AMAZING — seriously try it!! The deserts are fun too.. get the cheesecake suckers. I wont spoil the suprise

Longfellows; What can’t be said of Longfellows, its an absolutely beautiful place with amazing food. Though I only went once (the foods a lil pricey, but its absolutely worth it, the prices are right in line with what you’d expect the quality to be) Try to get yourself in the wine cellar, the ambiance is really neat. I tried the snapper – amazing. Also try the Brunelle wine, from Italy. Wayyyy awesome

Beverlys, Phila Street, Saratoga – SIMPLY THE BEST in town. Breakfast here is amazing, and even writing this I am contemplating going there right now! There isn’t one bad thing on the menu, and I have been here enough to have tried more than half of it. The best is the french toast, its made from a baguette soaked overnight and it comes with REAL maple syrup. I am from New England, I know real when I taste it! They are slightly pricey, but you get what you pay for. I want it right now! UGH!!!

Honorable mentions:

Raceway Buffet – Saratoga Harness Track/Casino. Ok for 9 bucks, where else can you get an endless supply of shrimp, prime rib, pizza, cookies, treats, turkey, pasta.. the list goes on and on. For a starving artist, five plates was my limit. I felt like I got my 9 bucks indeed, then hit the slow machine for 75 bucks and walked out of there like I was king of the world. haha.

Little India – Regent Street, next to Spring Street Deli. I think I went here about three times, each time I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. The waitress was extremely knowledgeable and helpful to someone who’s experience in Indian can be summed up in my three visits here. It’s a very quiet place and the ambiance sometimes makes you tired! The wine is killer and my favorite dish was definitely the Shrimp Bhuna, with some rice! deeeelish!

Pacific Grill – A sushi place I tried last year that was equally as good as I remember it this year. They also do hibachi stuff, so if you are iffy about sushi, try that! Their menu is huge and somewhat daunting. I forget what roll I got but it was big, 10 pieces! Try the plum wine here too, its awesome and different than the wine in which Duo serves. The wait staff was somewhat not as helpful as I’d have liked, both time our waitress seemed somewhat annoyed with our party.

Grey Gelding – Broadway – By chance we dived in here in a flash downpour and it was a pretty pleasant experience. Our waiter was really cool and knew what he was talking about. Also they have pictures of horses (grey geldings, whodda thunk it?) all over the walls which I am a sucker for greys, so extra brownie points there. I had the chicken marsala and was pretty pleased. All in all we had a great time here.. give it a try!

Stadium Cafe – Broadway. For what its worth, the food was good but not in line with what “Saratoga” is. It’s more of a restaurant you’d see back home, its more pub food, greasy, but good. I have this notion of Saratoga about amazing upscale food, and this place is a nice break from that ideal. If you’re looking for that kind of meal, this is the place to go!

Those that just didn’t do it for me;

Wheatfeilds, Broadway, Saratoga – Went there this year at the beginning of the meet and vowed not to go back. Service was alright, but slow. I got the fungi ravioli which I felt I could have saved myself the visit and just gone to the supermarket and gotten frozen ones and would have tasted the same. The only thing that made it ok was the company I with.


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